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At The IT Man, each client is unique. Which is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest.


Gain more relevant followers and build the right social media strategy that will convert their clicks into non-stop conversions.


Actively engage with your target audience and build a solid relationships with both your current and future customers.


Actively drive traffic to your website by reaching out to your target audience through multiple social media channels and ads.

Our Work


Completely transform your brand's awareness into brand loyalty by expanding your reach with powerful, straightforward and simple social media marketing campaigns.


Build a solid relationships with your current & future customers with post engagements. Engaging with your customers is the backbone of your social media life. It fuels all your campaigns and helps more of your target audience see your posts and advertisements. Billions are already using social media so you should as well. 


Access your account and courses anytime and anywhere.

Reach your potential with straight forward guidance.

Enjoy new, consistent and happy customers daily.

A Few Marketing Campaign Results

Restaurant Results

We spent $455.82 and gained 688 leads over the course of 14 days. All at $0.66 per lead.

Of the men and women who seen the advertisement, women were most likely to opt in for the pizza shop's $19.95 offer.

We decided to keep their advertisements on Facebook because majority of their clients were on Facebook compared to other platforms.

End Results

Of several different campaigns for one of our restaurant clients, the results speak for themselves. These results are from a $19.95 offer that was ran in the first 14 days they became a client of The IT Man. We placed their information in front of a targeted & SPECIFIC group of customers and spent only $0.66 per lead as they invested $19.95 or more with our client.

Our client had a minimum $13k ROI.

Barbershop Results

In just 24 hours, (realistically it was approximately 13 hours active) we spent $66.27 to retrieve 102 leads at $0.65 a lead.

Here is a general breakdown of the demographics for the beautiful men and women who interacted with and clicked on our client's advertisement.

We also keep their advertisements on Facebook because majority of their clients were on Facebook compared to other platforms.

End Results

For this campaign, we ran this as a 24 hour trial for the newest barbershop we brought on board. At first they didn't think they'd see any hardcore results, but they were mistaken. Within 2 hours of running this campaign we had 33 clients physically come into their shop to take part of their 24 hour $10 haircut promo. Only 9 hours into the campaign, our client's shop successfully retrieved more than 280% of their initial $100 investment, not including tips and gratuity.

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